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10 Most effective ways to lose belly fat

10 most effective ways to lose belly fat... This is a quest post which we found vital for everyone, keep reading to fix your body yourself..

Belly fat is too just a bum that makes your sportswear feel short. Fat interior the insides area is also termed natural fat, and it is actively sinful. This type of fat is a dominant risk cause for type 2 diabetes and myocardial infarction, to name a few.

Here are 10 ways to look sexy 😊

Keep Moving

There's art to like roughly natural fat: It yields precisely energetically to strong apply. Vaporizing calories through functioning, biking, natation any one thing that gets your soul rate up prevails upon defiance qualifying with remembrances to disposing of dependability. A stream informs from Duke begin the delicious spot: Jogging what moxie also be termed 12 miles septennial days will implement you to lose tummy fat.

Eat Enough Protein

Obviously, you get that protein's principal for a slimmer you and essential for defeated gut fat—you couldn't have endured the Paleo and South Beach rages out-of-doors investigation through it. In consequence, here's the motive protein genuinely needs to play a heyday travel your platter: "Your body begins to form more insulin as you age, later your clout and fat cells aren't reacting to it legitimately," clarifies Louis Aronne, MD, Director of the Obesity Clinic at Cornell. What's more, insulin advances fat stockpiling, surprisingly approximately your heart (encouragement!). A gobbling rule high in protein may establish you opposed to insulin struggle, Aronne says. One honest manner to up your disclosure considers add Organic Whey Protein to your crook, dinners, or snacks.

Turn to unsaturated fat

Saturated fat packs on more inherent fat than polyunsaturated ones, as per a Swedish inform shared this past February. At precise when subjects ate 750 more calories day by day for septennial age, one of two as palm oil (soaked) or sunflower oil (polyunsaturated), the unfounded enlarged more natural fat bit the last enlarged more bulk and less weight to fat rate correlations. You know the distribution: polyunsaturated fats are the ones in nuts, seeds, and viewpoint and can set up you to lose tummy fat.

Vinegar is good

Large individuals who devoured a tablespoon or two of activity routine for two pace demonstrated dangerous reduction in weight to fat quotients, specifically ingrained fat, as determined by a 2009 Japanese inspection. "One proposition is that the sour destructive in the marinade produces proteins that swallow fat," clarifies Pamela Peeke, professor of sedative at the University of Maryland and designer of Fight Fat After 40.

Make a Yoga Routine

Postmenopausal ladies who attempted yoga for four terms reported significant diminished in inherent fat in one 2012 biopsy. Or, further, to prevent you're totally not that into downward pup, any moderately unwinding exert, even uncomplicated deep-seated respiratory, can help the key enjoy slay levels of the uneasiness preventative cortisol, whatever add to gut fat. (Attempt the above-mentioned 2-minute dread answers for mute rapid.) Try this 10-minute yoga unremarkable for power reduction.

Eat fiber rich food

Dietary tissue urges glorious part painful cover subject. It is constantly asserted that chewing full grain can help with clout loss. This last, yet it's important conjure up that negative grain got to match. It is by all accounts widely the firm and gooey strands that change your clout. These are filaments that dilemma spray and outline a soupy gel that "sits" where it hurts. This gel can kind of alleviate the evolution of nourishment about your mind and bit gut, and surrender the acclimatization and slug of additives.
  The product is a protracted position whole and diminished greed. One scan experience initiates that an auxiliary 14 grannies of substance contained in each day follow to a 10% abating in calorie entrance and clout rebate of 2 kg (4.5 lbs.) to boot 4 eras. In one 5-year deal with, dining 10 dowager of firm substance day in day out go to a 3.7% drop off in the assess of fat in the mind pit, withal it had no sway the limit of fat junior the skin. What this infers, is that amplifiable grain mayhap chiefly all-powerful at diminishing the perilous gut fat. The most unattainable procedure to get more thread consider eat regularly of flower pabulum like vegetables and original stock. Vegetables are a mediocre expert, and particular oats like oats. Then you could besides solve pleasing a thread buttress like glaucoma. This is a standout in connection with the gooiest good strands in behavior, and out-of-date arose to make load contraction in many examinations.

Get rid of stress

Stress can make you pick up stomach fat by setting off the adrenal organs to create cortisol, otherwise called the "stress hormone. “Research indicates high cortisol levels increment craving and drive stomach fat stockpiling. Additionally, ladies who as of now have an extensive midriff tend to create more cortisol in light of stress. Expanded cortisol additionally adds to fat pick up around the center. To help decrease paunch fat, take part in pleasurable exercises that alleviate push. Rehearsing yoga or contemplation can be successful techniques.

Cardio Exercises

Oxygen consuming activity (cardio) is a viable approach to enhance well-being and consume calories. Concentrates likewise demonstrate it is a standout among the best types of activity for diminishing gut fat. Be that as it may, comes about are blended in regards to whether direct power or high-force practice is more helpful. Notwithstanding force, how frequently and the amount you practice is imperative. One examination discovered postmenopausal ladies lost more fat from all ranges when they did high-impact practice for 300 minutes for each week versus 150 minutes for every week.

Sleep Enough

Rest is critical for some parts of wellbeing, including your weight. Studies demonstrate that individuals who don't get enough rest tend to put on more weight, which may incorporate midsection fat. A 16-year investigation of more than 68,000 ladies found the individuals who dozed under 5 hours for every night were fundamentally more prone to put on weight than the individuals who dozed 7 hours or more for each night. The condition known as sleep apnea, where breathing really stops irregularly amid the night, has additionally been connected to overabundance instinctive fat. Notwithstanding dozing no less than 7 hours for each night, ensure you're getting adequate quality rest. On the off chance that you presume you may have rest apnea or another rest issue, address a specialist and get treated.

Waist Trimmer Belts

Some abdomen tutors perform specifically for use at the time test sessions. These are frequently plot of neoprene or added text that rouse the midriff and causes harsh glowing. Putting a abdomen tutor on since opening the warm-up will give you a tiny shower to pay from time exercising. The tutor will make you glow more, it will force body taking the cure and help you burn more fat by agreement entirely heat high. The urgent come from you’ll cautious a routine is the emanate of spray emphasis loss. This is huge if you need to die and look stunning just handle numerous life already and experience the come forms. In the long term, the waist trimmer belt can help you dump the tough insides fat more thoroughly. To get the particular appears, yet, you’ll need wear the belt whole time you enjoy. A efficient training habit will also need to get the tiny waistline that you’ve repeatedly been absent-minded about.

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The 5 habits that destroys our teeth

Many people do got rotten teeth, sometimes tooth ache because they're so careless about their health lifestyle. You may have been a victim to those with bad tooth, some stains that stuck in our mouths are cause by some of this various habits..

 I will illustrate everything in brief so y'all will understand what actually i meant and how to safeguard your dental health. But before i continue i wanna ask you to hook up with any dentist whenever you feel pains or ache in your mouth. 

 Oral hygiene is important in every stage of life, we all know that everyone wants their teeth to white and shinny but later you got to find out that your habits causes damage to your teeth.. Here are some habits we exhibit that actually cause harm to our oral hygiene.

 1. Harsh brushing Many people don't know the proper way to take their morning brush, some brush in a hard way giving perforation into the gums, which at times can lead to gum bleeding, most at times it's been caused by hard toothbrush so i will suggest it will be better if you get yourself a soft toothbrush and brush, gently to avoid harming the enamel and the gums, take your brush at least twice per day.

 2. Wrong toothpastes Many companies are up to do business not minding the quality and effectiveness of the product they give to there customers, actually i will advise everyone to be extremely careful in the products you consume to avoid health destruction, because many toothpaste contains micro-granules and grains which actually remove stains but causes harm to the teeth.
 I will advice you to go for herbal toothpastes which has a pleasant flavour and has no damages to your teeth, kindly check our online (store) if you can see any.

 3. Failure to use dental floss Don't think with only toothbrush and the toothpaste that all germs and stains in the mouth is off, there are some areas where brush can't reach so it's very advisable to use a dental floss, because it prevents tooth decay and also gum inflammation. 

 4. Foods that leaves stain in the mouth This is common because we do take foods without considering if it has any stain deposited in our teeth or not, we are only eating to satisfy our hunger, we should know that enamel is like porcelain. As everything leaves stains on your plate or cup, some foods leave stains on your teeth, but those are durable. Food such as tea, coffee, red wine etc are examples of food which can deposit some stains on your teeth, that's why it's advisable to brush after each meal.

 5. Carbonated drinks This is very important for those who really found it charming to feed on can drink, most drink contains acidic supplement which erode your teeth and destroy the enamel. Carbonated beverages are not a good option for consumption, you have to put it to a minimum range and get your health style boosted.. 

Benefits of body building in ladies

benefits of body building in ladies

Benefits of body building in ladies 

   Do you think only men are meant to build bodies?  Not at all women are also entitled in body building and it has an amazing benefits to them which many people don't know..  Many ladies are scared of GYM I bet you that you aren't fit if you are among those class, body building gives you fitness and stamina undergoing all abs makes you more strong, agile and attractive.
 Making a nice curve body and good b**ty shape you really need workouts that will give you the best result, body building in ladies aren't that rampant because only few practice it...  All those s*xy celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihana ,Beyonce etc are practicing workout and abs exercise for the maintenance of their body shapes which are very essential. 

 What are the exercise involved in body building in ladies...
 If you have entered into an empty gym house there you will see all tools and equipments for body building,  which both men and women can use for body building. There are some specific exercise for ladies as we all know ladies can't do what men can do although they claim they can using this phrase "What a man can do a woman can do it far better"  isn't it funny?  Let me ask can ladies have beards? Answer me if you can ......

 So let's move down to it,  exercise for body building in ladies.


This is an exercise most effective it's for the b**ty,  it is all about moving in a transitional motion of up and down and it influence is on body weight.
 Benefits : it gives you rigid support in your legs and makes the muscle flexible giving you a curve booty. It's sometimes called the best exercise for ladies because all ladies loves it.
 There are many types of squats such as body weight awaits,  pistol squat, barbell siff squat, Dumbbell split squat, ,and gobelt squat...  All are similar.

Single leg deadlift

 This is a special type of exercise and I love it see how to do it: get a dumbbell and stand on it with one leg, raise the other leg straight to be in a straight position with your head. 
 Benefits : this exercise is good for curing waste pain (pain killer exercise).

Push ups

This is a regular exercise it's really helpful in building of stamina and good abdomen. 

Hip raise

 Wonderful exercise for hip enlargement, how to do it? Lay straight on the ground and raise your hip up and down simultaneously.

Using of machines such as :

Abs crunch machine
Dumbbell press
Weight lifting.
benefits of body building in ladies

 When using this machine please apply the rate of your strength and always take a 40mins rest after workout. There are many more exercise in the gym house but those are best for ladies,  Don't leave the gym empty enroll now.
5 Reasons why women should lift weight:
1. Fast rate to burn fat
2. Relieve Stress
3. Bone health
4. For nice curves
5. Weight loss 

 Body building in ladies is very good I must say I admire ladies that looks fit and attractive don't you want to have excellent physics like those ladies in the picture start now to build up you body. Visit any gym center and enroll in gym classes and read gym motivational stories. Please share this post because sharing is caring.. 

Ovarian symptoms women shouldn't ignore

This post is strongly dedicated to lazy women, but also for everyone, I wanna urge everyone not to take any health dysfunction symptoms as a foreplay because it's outcome come very raw.

  Ovarian malignancy also known as ovarian cancer it's additionally called noiseless executioner, in light of the fact that the indications which the body gives for its situation, are fundamentally the same as like the manifestations of menstrual agony and something exceptionally characteristic. In this little post I'm going to present you with the indications which you will ought to never overlook them, since you may have ovarian tumor, and you have to go and take a look at yourself.

   The most recognized symptoms in ovarian growth manifestations that the ladies ought to never disregard are torment, weights and bloating. Everybody can feel bloated from an ideal opportunity to time, however if you notice that the bloating is lasting longer and a tiny bit distinctive you will realize that this presents early ovarian tumor manifestation.Bloating is associated with acid reflux as well.
 Additionally you will notice that you're urinating extremely regular, if you notice this I urge you to go for checkups. You might be influenza yet you likewise may have ovarian tumor. After your treatment,you're obligated to visit your gynecologist and request an exhortation. 
 Other symptoms of ovarian cancer can include:
  1.  Fatigue 
  2.  Upset stomach or heartburn
  3.  Back pain 
  4.  Pain during sex 
  5.  Constipation or menstrual changes. 
   If you notice persistence in those symptom especially ladies you are advice to meet a doctor because symptoms persistence is a key.. Always stay health share...

common side effects of body building supplements

Common side effects of body building supplements

  Building a masive and attractive physic has no shortcuts so bear that in mind for you to get a wonderful physic you must work for it. A lot of people who go to the gym believe that they can get quicker results by addition of supplements, that's a false thought. Most of these supplements contain high percentage of steroids, while Some don't, go for those which has no much setriods in them. Here are many adverse effects that these steroids supplements can have on your body.

1. Bipolar Disorder

  Don't think that these supplement only has physical effects, they also have mental side effects. One of the common mental problems is bipolar disorder. A person who suffers from bipolar disorder has problems related to mood stability, Such a person would have low or high moods at any time. Inability to control your mood, People who consume supplements with steroids do not have stable moods. Such people may start laughing suddenly or even go into serious depression within minutes sounding insane right? This actual occurs anywhere and anything.

2.  Abnormal body shape

 Supplements with steroids result in very quick muscular growth and that's what body builders need. What happens when you stop using them? or their effect finishes off? Your muscles would become completely out of shape and your body would cling in the downward direction. Making you to look disgusting and irritating, you will actually put up a shape of a beast, amoebic shape i guess lol, If you would wear anything apart from skin tight clothes, your body would have a terrible shape. D

3. Dehydration

  As health condition is concerned tge human body has to retain a minimum water level to function normally. But due to The use of these body supplements on a regular scale results in dehydration. Drying huge quantity of water, The water levels of your body would drop in minutes after you use supplements even if you do not workout and eventually you start experience dehydration effects..

4. Side effects on the kidney

  This might look unreal to you but its awesome truth, In accordance with the opinions of a lot of health experts, the use of body supplements adversely affects the functioning of the kidney. In worst situations, this can also result in kidney failure and stones in the kidney. But it's rear.  

How to make avocado cream yourself

How to make avocado cream yourself

Avocado is a great and amazing fruit, its primary constituent are fats and oil, while most of the fruit contains carbohydrate mainly but in this case avocado is an exception, avocado has amazing benefits for the body which nutritionists has been studying over years now to their surprises we see it as a fruit of the healthy being because it contributes in many part of functional human system.

  Avocado is highly nutritious this fruits are gotten from Persea americana the biological name of avocado plant. It also supports the body system and it's been categorized as a super food. The avocado pet name is known as alligator pea, which elaborate its shape, because it tends to posses the body shape of an alligator. These are the most abundant nutrient found in avocado.

Vitamin K
Vitamin C
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
    It actually contains Magnesium, copper, zinc,iron,phosphorus, vitamin A,B1,B2,B3 in small quantum.

 One of the amazing fact is that avocado doesn't have cholesterol or sodium in it, and low saturated fat , it also has more potassium than banana does. Fiber are loaded in avocado as natural gift of nature, as we do know that fiber in plants contributes in weight loss, reduction if sugar level and strongly fight some diseases. "There are soluble and insoluble fiber"
 Wonderfully fact the scientist mapped out was that those who consumes avocado tends to live healthier because it supports the body functions and helps in metabolism. Avocado contains antioxidant such as caroteniods which helps you absorb the nutrients in the food you consume.

This antioxidants helps in the function, that's why doctors include it in meal of those with eye defects. There is a debate still going on, this is basically if avocado helps in curing cancer, according to researchers they are showing the prove they got, so it's yet to be confirm but to me I think it can be a massive support in curing cancer what do you think also?
  Avocado a great fruit for weight loss, because it low possession on carbs and has high fiber it can easily supports you to loss weight, if you have intension of loosing weight add that to your diets. This fruit has numerous benefits which are not yet fully discovered, it is also good for pregnant women, for your bone, dental supporting food and It prevent the threat of arthritis.
How to consume and store avocado? This is a nice question, I myself store them in my refrigerator and I don't buy ripped ones I buy those unripe, so when I store in the refrigerator it won't over ripped before consumption I do consume mine as cream or with other foods I also consume it alone. I noticed that over ripped ones can be stored using salt and banana leaves and kept in cool dry place or refrigerator to avoid getting spoil.

  Here are the basic steps to produce your avocado cream. Get all the ingredients ready.
4 ripped avocados
Green lemon juice and Lime 8 tablespoons
Powder sugar

How to prepare: Get the Avocados, remove the stones and carve it, cut the pulp of avocados. You then mix it in a kitchen robot with sugar, lemon juice, grated bark, and half cream. Pure well, brush the remaining cream to make it thick. That's all your avocado cream is done. It takes only 15mins of preparation. Hope you like it drop your comment and also share with your love one's, sharing is caring medbike health team is for you.

Best 3 ways of preventing heart attack

Best 3 ways of preventing heart attack

 It has been stated that over 1 million people dies per year because of cardiovascular and coronary artery disease.
 The best thing i can tell you is that you can prevent this disastrous disease by changing your lifestyle and habits. Adapting to this new habits makes you free from cardiovascular disease these are:

 1. No smoking
 2. Low intake of alchol
 3. Healthy diet lifestyle
 4. Adopting exercise.
 5. Avoid sitting for too long.
 6. Avoid statin
7. Cut off high sugar

Related: how to quit smoking 

 This might be hard for you to stick to, but persistence and self determination put us all through our achievement. In the aspect of preventing heart disease here are some following tips you also need, Getting regular health screenings is one of the advice i do give... Go detect the problem before the problem detects you.

 As we know that High blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to heart damage and also affects the blood vessels. But all this can be detected and get rid of if ran a test on, but if you don't go for screening exercises you probably won't know whether you have these conditions in you.

 Also you should have a blood pressure test performed at least once in every two years in other to know if there is any treats to blood pressure which has damage effects to the heart, this test is to commence at the age of 18 and above If you're above 40 years or between 18-38 there is more high risk of having blood pressure, I seek for your doctor on regular intervals and know your blood pressure rage, the Optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)

 The aspect of Cholesterol levels, this is extremely important for adults 18+ this should be measured at least once every five years. This is also important the Diabetes screening. diabetes is a risk factor for developing heart disease, so we need to be caution of our sugar level, go to your doctor for your blood sugar test or hemoglobin A1C test to check for diabetes.
 You can find the best natural products made in china which can cure type 2 diabetes via my store..

4 ways to make your vagina smell and taste better

Making your vagina to smell and taste better

I'm making this post simple and short in other to teach you a new healthy way to cleanse your vagina.. Many ladies can't give a good report on their sexual health, cleansing the vagina makes you feel good and comfortably, even looking fresh as the case may be, undergoing the best method of cleansing the vagina gives you a higher opportunity to be free from vagina discomfort such as vagina tingling and make you healthy & confident during sex.

  There are proper ways an improper ways of cleansing the vagina. We must look at the basics of cleaning the vagina. As the testicles and penis are sensitive in men so as vagina to women you must keep it clean, "I do hear people saying vagina is your pride I might not quote it right"

1. Washing with strong, perfumed soap is not what the vagina needs, many of this soap contains strong chemicals which are unhealthy to the vagina, using scent soap can lead to infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), sensitive soap are recommended for the vagina such as Summer Eve and Dove. This soaps are affordable, you can find it at local grocery shops or you can order online, check if available at our shop page.
Note: you can use scent soap to wash all part if the body.

2. Cleaning inside the vagina is not advisable, as we all know the vagina itself has the ability to clean itself because its an organ and there is a hormone responsible for it. Washing inner vagina can lead to infections and other vagina issues, you are meant to clean the outer part of the vagina and leave the rest for the vagina itself to clean. What you can do for the vagina mostly is consuming foods that helps the vagina function.
Do you know that getting your vagina well cleansed, the lower the risk of infections?

Getting your vagina to smell and taste better
Your vagina may be smelling and testing good but you wish to improve it because it make you healthier and confident in having sex. Here are the steps to improve you vagina to taste and smell better.
1. Proper hygiene- this is the most important, keep and cleanse your vagina as stated earlier. Make it clean, make sure you clean after getting wet to avoid having odour.

2. Shaving- This is also essential, but if you don't feel comfortable without pubic hair then don't shave, but it's healthy to shave it, to remove the hairs which also enhance the vagina odor, by holding on urine droplets.

3. Making use of flavoured oils- there are many flavoured massage oil with is good in improving the vagina smell and taste, these oils are mostly used during sex not on daily activities, if you want your vagina to taste good at this moment I think these massage oils is the best option..

4. Drinking juices-  Don't be surprised, cranberry and pineapple juice had been discovered to improved the tase and smell of vagina discharge, cranberry naturally fight bacteria in the urinary tract which also makes the urine smell good as well. Pineapple juice does same as well and work in men too, so Start now am feed your partner with juice.
There are many products which can help cleanse, tighten up the vagina flora and as well get rid of smelly vagina. I recommend using a product with natural ingredients not those with harsh chemicals, example of this product is Secret ceres, this product enhance the healthiness of the vagina.

Some vagina infections you need to get rid of...

Eliminate vagina yeast.
  What is vagina yeast? This is infection is caused by a fungal organism known as Candida Albicans, the abnormal growth of yeast cells this always visited to vagin unless you show your vagina loving care.
Steps to prevent this yeast infection..

1. Protect your vagina from recurring yeast
  Making use of scent soap causes the risk of you getting the yeast infection, the more you use the more chance of recurring it unless you show your vagina some love and start to know that vagina has its own fragrance, it's a smell which is packed with pheromones, which is designed to attract the opposite sex.

2. Beware of stuffs you take: reduce the rate which you consume content with high amount of yeast.. Many company don't determine most precautions before producing so be watchful.

3. Show your vagina some caring: don't abuse your vagina talk it as the important part of the atonomy of a woman..

These are symptoms of yeast infection: vagina discharge, foul odor,itchiness, rashes, soreness and redness of the vagina. leaving yeast infection untreated can leas to vagina bleeding, which happens during the inflammation of the vagina.

Pimples near the vagina what could this be? Have you been experiencing pimples around your vagina? You might be asking yourself this question.. But no cause for alarm, it's normal for women to grow pimple near the vagina because pimple grow where there is pores, if you have pores at your gentile region so pimples will grow there. But its advised that when ever you see such consult a gynaecologist to know if it's ordinary pimple or symptoms of sexual transmitted diseases.
If you do experience pimples in your pimples where there is no pores consult your doctor at once because it might be a symptoms of gentile herpes, this are other symptoms that follows: itching, burning feelings, painful bumps in cluster..

When you eradicate all vagina infection and you still witness some odor here are the 4 ways to get rid of vagina odor..
You might not witness your own vaginal odor but others do, whenever your lover says"what's that rotten smell" oh my dear you need to act fast, this might be cause of infections here are other factors to get rid of it.

1.  Consume healthy diets: don't fill your body with junk foods, go for healthy diets, consume vegetables, and say no to cigarettes and alcohol take much water to eradicate the toxins in the body.

2. Wear loose under wears instead of tight ones to avoid infection's and vagina discomfort..
Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) is responsible for most problem of the vagina, especially in the aspect of odor, it gives it a smell similar to a rotten fish.

3. Use condoms to prevent yourself form infection bacteria.. Having sex with a new guy, you must use condom and spermicide, this will helpful in preventing vaginal bacteria.

Getting rid of vagina rashes

Just as the case of pimples, this appears at the vagina region and make it red then before, it looks irritating.
Improper hygiene can cause this rashes to surface. How to treat it is very easy, just get aloe vera and apply on the rashes till its healed. Preventing this equals obtaining personal hygiene and also put on Cotton pants..

As a woman your vagina speaks a lot about you, so you need to know how to keep it clean, and attractive, with those tips listed above I guess you can keep your vagina absolutely clean..
Summarized tips on vagina maintenance
1. Clean under wears: don't wear unwashed under wears keep your hygiene the priority.
2. Soap - I have made it clear earlier don't apply scent soap on your vagina.
3. Vagina wash: use the herbal made vagina was to wash the vaginal and keep it clean.
4. Use pant liner
5. Medical checkups
6. Don't sleep with your under wears on, give it some free time not all time keeping it in its prison...

I guess this tips will give a lot insight on how to keep your vagina healthy,, kindly share with your Friends.. #Medbikehealth #medbikehealth center #medbikefitness cares...

boost your sexual health with berries

Biochemicals found in berries, citrus fruit and red wine may help men maintain healthful erections, a new nutrients examine shows.

Anthocyanins are typically discovered in blueberries, cherries, blackberries, radishes and purple wine. Flavanones and flavones are determined in citrus end result.
"guys who often ate up foods excessive in these flavonoids had been 10 percentage much less possibly to suffer erectile disorder," lead researcher Aedin Cassidy, a professor of nutrition at the college of East Anglia, stated in a college media release. "In terms of quantities, we're speaking just a few portions every week."

Dr. Drogo Montague, a urologist and director of the Cleveland health facility's center for Genitourinary Reconstruction, stated erectile disorder can be a harbinger of vascular disease. "If a man has ED, he may also have early or superior coronary artery ailment," he stated.
Gilbert stated that the men within the study who ate masses of flavonoid-wealthy meals additionally were much less possibly to smoke or drink alcohol and much more likely to exercising frequently -- all life-style factors that improve both heart health and erectile function.

these are other ingredients which could boost your erection.
Basil - This Italian herb improves circulation, and whatever suitable for the heart and blood float may even improve libido. flow is a huge a part of the technique. Basil additionally has a warming effect at the frame that may beautify arousal.

Tomatoes - Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that reinforces prostrate fitness, which improves virility in men. they may be additionally delicious uncooked, in soup, as sauce, and more.

Walnuts and Almonds - Nuts and complete grains, in widespread, incorporate argenine.
Argenine is critical to blood float, mainly for the duration of arousal. Nuts, seeds, and grains are also wealthy in critical fatty acids that are important in the manufacturing of hormones for both males and females.

Flax Seeds - Flax seeds include phytoestrogens that act very further to girl hormones which might be linked to a wholesome intercourse lifestyles. Flax can be useful for ladies who have low estrogen stages, including those experiencing menopause.

Chia Seeds - those had been proven to certainly improve testosterone way to the vital fatty acids that function constructing blocks for hormones. Testosterone is tied to feelings of power, motivation, well-being, and sex drive. men don't have a monopoly on testosterone both. ladies produce it too and, when it dips too low, revel in a lack of intercourse drive and motivation.

Peppers - Capsaicin, the compound in peppers that provide them their chunk, increases heart price, dilates blood vessels, and releases endorphins. They actually spice up your love life. simply don't move sprinkling cayenne on your special someone even though.

Garlic - those overly fragrant cloves won't look like the nice component to consume for ardour, but the allicin in garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks will increase blood drift and keeps the heart wholesome for sexual activities. in case you're worried approximately the odor, use it well before matters get intimate.

Ginger - This spice will increase blood flow and testosterone production. Even the heady scent by myself is sufficient to send blood flowing. It, like basil, may have a warming effect on the body.

Celery - This moderate-mannered vegetable has a secret. It consists of androsterone, a male hormone that works as a pheromone to sign masculinity and virility. guys have to honestly be consuming plenty extra celery than most get.

Bananas - Bananas are rich in potassium and B nutrients which raise energy ranges. additionally they comprise the enzyme Bromelain which can be observed in pineapple too and gives men a boost to the libido.

Avocado - This buttery fruit is rich in critical fatty acids and B6 each increase male hormone manufacturing. Avocado also consists of potassium, which facilitates alter the thyroid gland in girls, a gland immediately tied to power and response to hormones.

darkish Chocolate - women have trusted this plant-food for generations to ease them thru breakups and heartache for precise purpose. Chocolate has tons of antioxidants to maintain the frame healthful, however it additionally encourages the discharge of endorphins that boom satisfaction, enhance temper, and simulate the emotions of falling in love.

Asparagus - those suggestive stalks are wealthy in folate, a B diet related to a healthy sex force.
Maca - Maca is a Peruvian root that has long been used by the neighborhood population to boom electricity, stamina, electricity, fertility, and libido for men and women. it's miles now to be had for the rest people too at just about any fitness meals shop. upload a sprint on your smoothies and see the way you feel.

Pumpkin Seeds - The regularly discarded seeds of this orange gourd are rich in zinc, which maintains the male intercourse organs healthful and effective. they also taste quite terrific and are a more fit snack choice.

Watermelon - This candy, summery melon contains lycopene and helps relax the blood vessels to enhance blood glide.
"you may additionally see the my previous post on how to maintan your erection".

Fitness tracker technology review.


                         A review of fitness trackers

This technology is amazing it's best for everyone that needs fitness. Fitness trackers can be a useful tool help you monitor your activity levels. Before investing in a tracker, it’s important to understand the capabilities and limitations of the devices currently on the market to find the best option for your money.

Presently, there is a general misconception that the most expensive trackers are the ones with the most accurate readings, something which is not always true. In the market today there are more than eighty fitness trackers produced by different companies around the world, but these trackers across the board tend to not have the highest sensory accuracy. Because of this, you have to take a look at which devices offer the most consistent readings to track your progress. Some of the best fitness tracker models, according to, include:

The Garmin Vivofit 3
Fitbit Charge 2
The Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Attributes of The Best Fitness Trackers
Just like any gadget in the consumer market today, a good fitness tracker ought to possess some specific features. For instance, you want a transparent display system that allows you to keep a watchful eye on your body statistics as you workout. The tracker also has to enable you to connect your device to a Smartphone or computer. For every distance or step covered, the tracker has to reflect its readings consistently on the display system.
Since trackers are used in outdoor environments, they have to be waterproof. Comfort in the band size and fit is also important. Battery life is also worth considering

— you should look for a device that only needs you to replace its battery once in a year.
Since you do not want to buy something substandard, you should always consider trackers that have some warranty back-up. It’s smart to look for a minimum of a one year warranty on your device.
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How to cure swollen legs


Let's get down with this do you have a swollen legs or you know anyone that has swollen legs?
  I guess you can be of benefit to him or her after reading this post.  What really is called swollen legs?  This is the stagnation of fluids in the leg region,  many people do think it's elephantiasis but in the actual sense it's not bit look alike it is actually known as peripheral edema, which is associated with the lymphatic system or the kidney..

What really causes leg swollen? 

It is highly experience especially in one leg. One swallow leg is basically caused by in ability of the kidney not functioning well in the ability of circulating fluids and water in the body..
  There are other causes of swollen legs which you are not know it might not be edema but other factors can cause the legs to swollen up. Such as

Injuries : Those who has soft legs do experience this, when you get an injury which might touch the ankle you might experience swelling of the legs especially around the affected area, fracture or tear ligament also triggers immediate swelling of the feet..

Pregnancy : you will be wondering how pregnancy causes swollen feet this is because of the excess weight gain from the pregnancy has its pressure on the legs which if can't carry causes the leg to swell the actual Occurs mainly on the left legs I don't really know why.. Also retention of fluids in pregnancy can also cause leg swelling because during pregnancy some hormones are secreted which cause the body to retain fluid, but if you experience abnormal swelling during pregnancy It might be a symptom of pre-eclampsia which you should reach out for a doctor as soon as possible.

Cellulitis: this is caused by bacteria, when a bacterial enters in to the body through your skin, this can cause the swelling of legs and feet and using red and hot.

Lymphedemma: this is the blockage in the lymphatic system which causes excess lymph fluid to collect in the tissues and can cause swollen feet and ankles. It can be caused by a number of things such as infection, injury or cancer treatment such as radiotherapy or the removal of lymph nodes.

Here are some other causes of leg swelling
Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.
Fluid overload.
Allergic reaction.
Baker's cyst.
Rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory arthritis.

How to cure this one leg swelling or swollen legs and feet..
You have to apply this natural procurement..

Using of Epsom salt : soak your legs in a water containing Epsom salt as a mixture for about 10-15mins before taking shower, also avoid exposing your legs to high temperature..
Weight loss: this is a great factor which can reduce the rate of the swelling of the legs, you need to apply the diets for weight loss and other weight-loss tip click to see.

Exercise : staying at a position can increase the swelling you need to be moving your legs in other to decrease it and also place your legs in an elevated place to let the leg to reduce.

undergo massage: massaging the leg helps reduce the swollen legs making the fluids stock there to circulate to where it's supposed to be..

  Making a great self health care service, you can also consult your personal or family doctor for more guidance, always share your successful stories on our comment box.. Share this post please. Medbike Health Center cares...

health issues in adolescence

      Health issues in adolescence

To be in adolescent age, there are some health issues we need to encounter such as it is in the old age, some health issues in old age such as arthritis, menopause, hearth attack etc..
  Are you in adolescence? Or closing the range and you wish to know the strategies to experience, i guess this will explain better, although most of the health issues in adolescence are temporal they come and go it doesn't stay permanently. I must say that you undergoing some physical changes in the body is also a health issues in adolescence, many panics when they see some changes basically associated with health..

  What is adolescence if I may ask?
This is a period changes occur, when one moves from childhood to maturity.. It's a stage when children feels they have grown, such as my neighbor kids usually says "mom you can't control my again am sixteen " that's exactly what classify the age adolescence... Usually it started earlier in girls than in men, such as 11-19yrs and 14-19yrs respectively, if exceeds that then it's late maturity..

  This adolescence is what exactly determines the chances of a child developing chronic diseases in his or her adulthood. The biggest challenges that comes in health status of adolescents are mainly discrimination..  There are some factors that affects health status in adolescence such as (Homicide, suicide, motor vehicle accident, drug abuse and smoking, sexual transmitted diseases and sexual harassment, homelessness and unwanted pregnancy.)  all this mentioned are health issues in adolescence, although there are some hint to prevent it...
  How exactly can adolescence cause all those mentioned?
Exactly I thought as much, many will have this question clocking in the head right now, here are the tips how adolescent can lead to it.

In terms of homicide, when one in adolescence is been discriminated, it pushes him to any limit such as having a horrible hatred to the opponents. Which might warrant killing if opportune to do so...  Hint : learn how to control your anger and your will subdue such challenges..

Suicide also goes with discrimination, that's why it's been advised not to be a part of those that do mockery because you are putting someone's life at stake, when one feel less important or sometimes experience failure this strategies actually leads to suicide... Hint: don't ever quit read books that motivates you..

 Motor vehicle accident is common in adolescence age where youths drive while drunk and this factors has claim many lives, Hint: please don't drink while driving or drive drunk, please parents and guidance should be watchful of this...

 Drug abuse is mostly a dominance trait in youths it's mostly caused by peer pressure and personal decision.. Hint: quit alcohol and smoking...  I think this can help you (Best tips to stop smoking)

Sexual transmitted diseases and sexual harassment has been an ongoing event in adolescence age, indiscriminate having of unprotected sex can expose one to HIV & STDs.. Hint : Undergo sexual education..

  Unwanted pregnancy is a result of sexual affairs in the adolescent age.  Ladies in United States that experience this are over 86%... All this are health issues in adolescence, there are sectors that are responsible to impact those in adolescent the ways and steps to follow to achieve success and overcome those health challenges..
The home:  this is the basic sector of education parents should take much time to see the warfare and health status of there children, such as impacting the moral lesson and challenges there are to experience during adolescence and the precautions to it.. Parents are the best teacher because they speak with experience.
The school: finally the school has added it to there curriculum that sexual orientation and education should be present to students.
  Friends and neighbour : peer group has the highest influence on adolescence so it should be considered as a way in guiding children.. Parents should know there children friends and there attitude.
Here are some important books to read...
(Preventing teen pregnancy by CDC;) [PDF - 378 KB]
This articles can help you tackle the health issues in adolescence, you can also read (list of disease in adolescence )

Best way to get rid of head lice naturally

best way to get rid of lice naturally
 Have you been battling with head lice?  I guess you will found the best result in this blog please don't skip,  keep reading.
 Head lice is caused by a six-legged parasite that lives on the human head which is known as Pediculus humanus capitis. This parasite are hard and last for long which they can survive even in the chlorine swimming pool. This parasite can only be contaminated from person who has the parasite on them either by using same brush or clothes.

 Symptoms of head lice

According to dermatologist, over 2 million children has head lice, this are some symptoms to see to know it's lice.

1. Itchy scalp accompanied by incessant scratching, causing the scalp to be red and irritated.
2. Seeing tiny brown bugs in the hair.
3. Feeling that something is crawling over the head.
4. Swollen lymph nodes in the back of the head.

 Many are afraid of visiting the haircut shop, because of head lice there are best home remedies for it which I will share to you.
Home remedies

Vinegar :
  This has the ability to eradicate head lice because the acetic acid in vinegar is toxic for the lice and It also helps dissolve dead nits.

 Apply shampoo while washing the head, and raise thoroughly at least 3 times daily.

 Garlic can also be toxic to the lice, so get garlic grind it well and place it on the affected area. Leave it for at least 4-5 hours.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

This can also be used like vinegar described above, just that apple cider vinegar has more anti-microbial properties. Get a cotton soak it on ACV and apply at the affected area.

Application of petroleum jelly.

Castor oil
 This is a natural oil which contains anti-microbial properties such as vinegar, get castor oil mix it with a pinch of soda,  and gently rub on the area .

 Clean the area with iodine and apply bandage on it overnight.

Onion juice
 This is one of the quickest remedy because anion is found in every kitchen. So get an onion, extract the juice and apply on the affected place for 2-3days.

Dishwashing Liquid

This doesn't kill the lice, but it will help you free the nit from the hair. it helps to get rid of the gunk left behind after practicing the above methods; something shampoo cannot handle it adequately.

This are the tips I can give you, just bear in mind that while applying this remedies there are one things to bear in mind, Be patient & vigilant, note when changes started and keep on applying the methods till the effects shows, but if it doesn't I guess you meet a dermatologist. But I believe your solution is among those mentioned always stay Healthy and safe.

Good benefits of healthy sleep

Taking a good sleep is a bigger step to good health, researchers made it known that poor sleep has negative effects on your hormones and also the brain functioning.
  In all health aspect healthy sleep is needed,  such as those seeking for weight loss, good night sleep is important in weight loss. getting a good night sleep enhances all the organs for effective work the next day. There are some tips which will help you get a health sleep, just keep reading to find out more about healthy sleep.

 7 ways to fall asleep easily

For those that find it difficult to  sleep, am giving you a nice quick trick to fall asleep as fast as possible, just follow the steps accordingly and you finally get asleep.

1. Do exercises during the day

2. Avoid taking naps

3. Combine carbs and protein

4. At night during time to sleep turn off the TV or computer and find a cool soft place and lay your head on.

5. Take your bath before trying to sleep

6. Put the tip your tongue on the upper teeth and breath in through the nose.

7. Exhale through the nose deeply, repeat this steps and you fall asleep easy and faster.

 Getting this tips in you makes sleeping easy for you, for those of you looking for how to adapt good sleeping methods, always sleep on your left side on bed to avoid gastric issues in the stomach.

Why do we need good health sleep?

Healthy benefits of good sleep are of many, such as reducing the risk of some disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack etc.

 it has a roll in weight loss regulating.

It less pain and injuries

It gives up a good mood, after sleeping we have a good mood.

It enhances the work of the brain for better memory.

Sleep prevent cancer

Sleep also prevents inflammation.
  Here are some healthy benefits of sleeping. Please stop taking sleeping pills, it's affects the health and brain.  Get a good sleep and get the body efficiency increased..

Best Gym routine for beginners

gym routines
Building muscle is mostly called "building weight"  have you been admiring people with ripped back and visible muscles wishing to get such stature someday. 
   I guess you have finally arrived to what you seek, because follafter the steps Listed on this post you will build muscles than( john Cena) and other wrestlers. Going in and out of a gym house don't call for you gaining weight but the kind machine you use in the gym determines that, I will tell you to first look for a good gym center and become a member, a gym where all equipment are complete. After getting yourself enrolled then it's time to choose your tools(machines).

 I never doubt that your first will be weight lifting, but there are machines that are beneficial than weight lifting, although it's part of body building. As a newbie you need a couch if not your results won't be much appreciated. Let's start with the machines to pick on your first start. Note you have to practice with this machines often. 

 1. Running (treadmill )
This machine actually serves as running instrument, it determines your strength and this machines calculates how much you can stand before you exhaust.

 2. Leg press
This machines improves the leg muscles balancing your body, you don't build muscles from the abdomen to the shoulder but building muscles at the leg region also counts.

3. Butterfly
This machine is called butterfly because of its movement, I bet you that this machine will give you a better strong muscles below the arm it's a good machine to choose. 

4. Tricep push down 
This gadget is very important it has a lot to do with the inner muscle, it gives the muscle a greater chance of enlarging. 

5. Machine bicep curl 
This has a great effect on the bicep muscle as we know it contracts most, so body building requires muscles like this, I don't usually build muscles but it's one of my favorite machines. 

6. Sit up
We know this essential in six packs building such as cycling etc but a body build without packs its like a mission reached with winning. So get down on your sit up, and the funny part is that packs gives us stronger stamina. 

7. Weight lifting 
Finally this is the actual gadget all like seeing as one lift a giant iron all by himself, please while doing this please choose the size you can lift. Tip: don't weight lift till you're exhausted. 

 Picking those gadget makes you more closer to your dream body structure. As some like weight loss, so as other like weight building. As a beginner you must apply your routine and put UT to work, success goes with good planning, so let's plan this. 
 Time schedule 
1. Low reps (5-8) and heavy weight on Monday. I mean going to gym on Monday, please don't skip work. 
2. High reps (12-15) and lower weight on Wednesday. This day is more important. 
3. Medium reps (8-12) and medium weight on Friday. 
 Engaging in this routine will definitely gives you a better results, but if you have a couch I guess he or she will help you build a good routine. Always stay safe and build your body, for easy method just take steroid pills but it will turn you to beast, meet your specialist before taking any pills please. 

Basic health tips everyone should know

Basic health tips everyone should know
 The facts is that everyone wants to healthy and fit, but to attain this you must know the basic health tips and implement them on our daily activities, most of us don't know healthy routine and even how to choose a healthy diet plan. Being a mom or Dad you must build your home to be healthy and strong, there is nothing more that can make a real parents happy than to see there kids happy and healthy so I bet you must read and know all the basic health tips I will describe. Being healthy is the key to long life and wealth, and note good guide is one of the most important tips everyone should go for, the reason is that nutrition has 80% of our healthy status other 20% are exercise, rest etc. Basic health tips everyone should know.
Coffee for fighting cancer

 • Drinking coffee Don't ask me the type of Coffee that is to be consumed, go to any coffee stores and ask for a nice coffee pack. This coffee helps the body system in many ways. Here are some benefits it offers to the body:
 + it protects you from type 2 diabetes
 + it helps to boost your energy level
 + it burns fat
 + it reduce the risk of liver disease
 + it lowers the risk of developing cancer and get rid of depression

 • Don't brush after eating You might be wondering why this sub-heading, yes you shouldn't brush immediately after meal, most tooth paste has chemicals which erase everything from the teeth, after eating and you brush the fact is you are removing the nutrient associated to the gum and teeth. Ask your dentist about this he will explain more.
Eat fruits

 • Eat fruits Fruit is very essential to the body system as it's the main source of vitamins and we know there are many types of vitamin and has each has its benefits. When you're still in high school you must have been taught that eating fruit is a healthy tip everyone should know, if you didn't learn that in high school probably you weren't attention in the class.

 • Don't drink energy drink when tired. This might sound crazy right but you got to believe me, the more you consume energy drink when you are tired then you are reducing your immune stability of holding on for a long time. As we know that most energy drinks contains high content of caffeine than coffee , and effects of high intake of caffeine are : dizziness, insomnia, diarrhea, stomach upset and nervousness.
Benefits of water

 • Drink enough water As we all know water is a universal solvent which is essential is all aspects of life, every nutritionist do stick to the word "hydration " intake of water help is body metabolism and also the best drink for weight loss, it has zero amount of calories. Lack of hydration can cause different health disorder such as kidney disease, improper digestion constipation. So drink water because water is life (#facts).

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Anti-bacteria soup

 • use anti-bacteria soup This is for skin care, all skin disease are mostly caused by bacterias, for healthy skin you need a good anti'bacterial soup and disinfectants, I will recommend "DETTOL" for you. Say no to body infections now.

 • Enjoy ginger You have to start now to enjoy garlic because it helps to boost body metabolism, the best content of ginger which is mainly its treating agent is known as Gingerol which has medicinal properties. Ginger also reduces muscle pains, it helps to reduce cholesterol and stop menstrual pain so start now to enjoy your ginger.
Fish meal

 • Eat fish Fish is a good source of protein and it's one of the important classes of food. Do you know why I prefer dish to meat? It is because meat has a greater chance of introducing you to bacteria, such as tape worm etc, especially when fully done.

 • Get a massage Do you go for massage? You have to answer that question, if you want your body to look fresh and good you need massage, getting a massage helps in the blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Therefore, find a massage therapist now..

 • Eat garlic Many hate consuming garlic because of its smell, I bet you this fruit has much to offer to your health status. It contains allicin which has high medicine properties, it reduces the chance of having high blood pressure, developing strong bones, it is also known according to the scientist that garlic helps you live longer. What else do you want? Just live long and see your children grow happily activate garlic now and be a good Granny.

 • consume avocado This fruit is highly nutritious, it is also known as alligator pear, and it has more potassium than bananas. Avocados are powerful antioxidant that do protect the eye.

 • Green tea This tea is commonly found in Chinese region, have you ever asked why the Chinese aged men still look and stay strong? Green tea has bioactive compounds which give hidden strength. This tea has many healthy benefits such as improving the brain, helps in weight loss and fight cancer.
Broccoli for health

 • Eat broccoli We all need to go green, this vegetable has a big source of vitamins, such as vitamin B6,A1,E etc it also has omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, niacin. And the best is that it aids detoxification.

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Practicing yoga

 • adopt yoga Yoga such as kung-fu are way of live according to the Chinese ancient history, and before white medicine, they are living with herbal and yoga(mainly concentration) you can boost your metabolism by being a member of yoga family.